Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Save Charles Kennedy

CF members - your country needs you.

Charles Kennedy, chatshow-loving ginger blimp and friend of Jack (Daniels that is) , is about to be outsted by the fractious and increasingly pointless Lib Dumbs. This CANNOT be allowed to happen.

CF members everywhere should remember that before the supernatural ascension of el-Cameroon, the Tories were in dire straits, with little cohesive strategy, no policies worth shouting about and no luck.

Think back to those dark pre-election days (we're going to win honestly! It'll all be fought in the marginals) remember how the Lib Dumbs would have soared past 100 seats in parliament at the expense of the Tories had it not been for the sterling incompetence of Osama bin Kennedy

Therefore, I am urging you NOT to visit the popular Kennedy Must Go website that is fuelling the sandal-wearing yellow menace's current tiff and instead head to the under supported Save Kennedy

For the good of your country you MUST sign up. Your country needs you


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