Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meet the Exec: The alternative profiles

Seven ordinary plebs (including myself) were elected to lead CF through the wilderness over the next year. One new victim was selected through co-option to help the Exec and of course Sarah Southern our National Organiser stays on in Central Office.

Official Profiles can be found here. But just for fun here's the unofficial version.

Nick Vaughan
Title: Chairman
About Nick: Nick is a politics student with big ambitions. He managed to steam roller the other candidates in the election with a well planned campaign and is considering standing for Parliament one day.
Famous for:

Caroline Hunt
Title: Deputy Chairman
About Caroline: Caroline is currently an intern for Greg Hands MP and works in the constituency office in Hamemrsmith and Fulham. Caroline is the only surviving member of last year's exec.
Famous for: Winning the most votes of all the exec in the election.

Jonathan Ash-Edwards
Title: Local Government & Campaigning
About Jonathan: The youngest member of the NME, but to date one of the most mature. Jonathan is running for council in 2007 and is trying to get as many CF members under 30 as possible to do the same.
Famous for: Arriving 2 hours late to his first exec meeting. Yes, he DID have a good excuse.

Zoe Aylward
Title: Corporate Events
About Zoe: Zoe is currently the oldest member of the exec and she currently works for Deloitte. Zoe was co-opted to balance the exec and to give them some much needed professional experience.
Famous for: Her star appearance at conference with a skin tight 'It's DD for me' emblazoned across her chest.

Sam Beaver
Title: Areas and Regions
About Sam: A rugby mad student at Exeter University currently charged with getting our branches up and down the country speaking to each other.
Famous for: The most suggestive (and funniest) campaign for CF NME in years.

Dan Large
Title: Student Affairs
About Dan: Dan is one of the very few Conservative sabbatical officers (Newcastle University) in the country and is something of an expert on NUS and student politics.
Famous for: Bashing over-zealous left-wing Student Unions up and down the country for getting out of line.

Claire Palmer
Title: Events
About Claire: Claire is a barrister and has taken charge of organising the events for this year. Helped in the successful campaign for James Brokenshire MP in Hornchurch.
Famous for: Her steadfast commitment to free speech (and lots of it)

Andrew Young
Title: E-Campaigning
About Me: The only Northern Irish member of the exec, currently working in City Hall in London.
Famous for: My work on CF.com and (now) this blog.

National Organiser: Sarah Southern
About Sarah: Sarah is entering her second year with CF and works tirelessly to keep the CF functioning.
Famous For: Shoes


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