Tuesday, November 29, 2005

October News

After being elected, the seven new members of the NME were motivated and brimming with ideas. What better time to call a one month break?

For a frustrating 30 days everyone sounded each other out, sent numerous emails and generally made a nuisance of themselves. Two deputy chairmen were appointed, only to be removed when it turned out that we're only suppose to have one. Further fun, arguments and jockeying for position ensued until the 29th when we sat down for our inaugural five hour marathon meeting.

But the month of October wasn't a complete wash out. There was time to meet up with members from the London universities and to chat with London's new area Chairmen.

But most important was the selection process for new writers on ConservativeFuture.com. A massive 80 people applied for the 22 available slots and over four weeks they were whittled down to fill the available spots on the site. Exhausting work, but enough to ensure that from now on the site is updated with two new articles per day.


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