Friday, December 09, 2005

Saying Hello

Congratulations Ranil. Not many people would have the brass balls to approach every member of the exec and ask to be put in charge of a region. Even fewer would ask for two. Less than that would ask for the two busiest Conservative regions in the country - but ask he did.

Sadly, it wasn't happening, but in reading through our constitution Ranil discovered a never-used provision relating to Regional Coordinators that no-one even knew existed.

From this came the germ of an idea that perhaps the exec (always terminally London focussed) should take on the role, and in doing so finally start thinking of the direction we should be taking nationally.

Poor me. I wasn't at the last meeting, and as a result the rest of the Exec 'dumped' Wales and Northern Ireland on me. Fortunately, I think I've struck gold. Both areas have been neglected for a while but there is the chance for a well motivated team to start turning things around.

Most of it relies on the Regional and Area Chairmen (of which we are two short, but not for much longer). There is a lot that can be done to turn CF Wales around, and CF NI will benefit from a bit of attention.

Watch this space....


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