Sunday, December 18, 2005

Being famous

There is a peculiar sort of sinking feeling that can only come with disaster. CF has been no stranger to scandal and controversy in its past. Blazing rows, backstabbing, cliques, factions and civil war were all par for the course in its early days. It has only been the last few years that have seen most of the poison drawn out.

However, the capacity of some to attract controversy leaves us all with that sinking feeling.

Chat on the private CF forums is one thing, but 'briefing' the Lib Dems and a Labour researcher seems a bit below the belt, even by the bitter standards of the old CF.

Still, the sign that most of the exec have moved on will be in the way they deal with the current mini crisis. Tempting though it might be, jumping in with rebuttals and trying in vain for some sort of revenge would be a huge mistake. This year's exec are putting in a lot of hard work and the calmer heads amongst them won't easily be put off. Still, it might be a kick in the teeth if all this hard work is overshadowed by a pseudo-scandal.

Hopefully the New Year will be more promising.

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