Tuesday, December 13, 2005

CF Exec Meeting & Christmas Party

David Cameron is better than you can possibly imagine. Or maybe the others were worse than I thought.

IDS was chatty, Howard pleasant and Hague, well I still can't understand why no-one liked Hague. After all he both looks and sounds like the talkative half of Wallace and Gromit AND nowadays he has ditched baseball caps in favour of sharp italian suits which I guess all millionaires are entitled to do.

Back to DC.

You know the vacant, slightly scared looked most politicians give you when you say hello at one of these functions. None of that with DC, not only did he (plausibly) seem pleased to meet people. He also managed to be chatty, upbeat and (shock horror) funny. When was the last time you saw a politician who could crack a joke that hadn't been scripted for him?

But it's early days and tough times are sure to catch up with the Tories after the honeymoon period is over, but I think we might have a chance of making some headway with Cameron. Fingers crossed...

The Exec meeting was a qualified success. The amount of work that is being undertaken by the NME is huge and the strain is starting to show. As a mere civil servant the 60-hour weeks came as a shock to me, but I'm gradually coming to terms with the workload and restrictions on my social life.


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