Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Man at Work

I know I am supposed to keep CF members up-to-date through this site, but I am currently working a 72-hour week due to Cf stuff so here are the highlights.
e-Campaigning - Writing a guide to building and maintaining websites

Communications - Writing and improving the CF bulletin, but can't wait to receive delivery of our new email template.
- Planning content for campaigns with Dan Large and Jonathan Ash Edwards

CF.com - planning content of the news articles for the site. (please, every CF branch with a website get our RSS feed, two new topical articles per week)
- Working on a rolling programme of improvements to the site (this is very slow work, but CCHQ knows what we would like)

CF Northern Ireland - Working with David Fry in Belfast expect to see;
- St. Patrick's Day event for National CF
- New CFNI website
-Members events
-Increased support for CF in NI
NB- The Exec should not micromanage their regions or indeed any regions. The NME will only flourish by engaging local members and encouraging them to take on responsibility.

CF Wales - Collating membership data and beginning a renewal of the local organisation
- working on seeing a new CF Wales website
- engaging the Wales students

PLUS a two secret projects that have yet to be unveiled.

I'm going to bed.....


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