Friday, February 24, 2006

Should all police be armed?

Should all police be armed? asks the question. Read more.


Blogger scaryfeet1 said...

As I'm sure my fellow N. Ireland Conservative member [quality not quantity is key!] and blogger will know; the Police in their various forms both as the 'Royal Ulster Constabulary' and the N. Ireland 'Police Service' have been armed in response to the terrorist threat in the north of Ireland; however today arming the Police in N. Ireland is a detterent which works. The Police over here are not gung-ho yanky cow boy mimics but logical and mature in the use of their weapon. If arming all Police perssonel is extended to Britain the government should think very carefully about what arming is designed for; agression, defense or detterent?
John Hanna, Saintfield, N. Ireland

6:53 pm  

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