Thursday, February 23, 2006

Alan Sugar - Business mastermind or a bit crap?

My favourite show returned to our TV screens last night, well alright, second favourite after re-run of the 'A-team'.

'The Apprentice' hardcore no-bollocks version, as opposed to the airbrushed yank version, has proved a mild hit for BBC 2. However, seeing it again I wonder if Alan Sugar is all he's supposed to be?

Donald Trump is a billionaire, Alan Sugar? a mere multi-millionaire, and most of that came from the tech boom of the 1980's. To cap it all Amstrad is struggling, it's profits are down 12.5%.

Watching the show I saw a lot of growling, sneering and posturing from Sir Alan, but through all of it I was never convinced that this is a business genius in the mould of Donald Trump.

His decision to punish the girls team for flirting with the likely charachter in the fruit market who gave them all that free stuff was a mistake.

Sure it isn't how they would act in a real business situation, but unless I'm very much mistaken, the winning Apprentice won't be selling fruit down Hackney market. This was a test of cut-throat ruthless competition, the girls spilt some claret, 'nuff said.


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