Wednesday, February 22, 2006

HOLLYWOOD SHOCK! -Underage stars caught in drink scandal

Hollywood, USA - In a scandal that has rocked the film capital of the world teen stars - some as young as 18 years of age - have been caught DRINKING and VISITING A NIGHTCLUB.

19-Year old teen superstar Lindsay Lohan and Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz (only 20 years old) have been caught on camera frequenting the 'Mood' Nightclub in central Hollywood.

A Hollywood insider said;

"This is shocking news. That a Hollywood nightclub would turn a blind eye to a 19-year old drinking in public is just horrible.

Worse still is Frankie Muniz, he took his fiancee along to this club and she is also only 20 years old. These kids are still too young and innoncent to be exposed to such things as alcohol and loud music - their parents should be ashamed of themselves."

For video click here

Lindsay Lohan - "Innocent"


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