Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Evil Idea

Google Ads are not expensive.

You pay up and every time someone searches for a certain topic their ad appears in a column marked 'Sponsored Links' on the right-hand side of the results page.

If you were at a loose end between now and the end of the Lib Dem elction results, you might want to Search for 'Chris Huhne', 'Simon Hughes' or 'Ming Campbell'.

Clicking and backspacing repeatedly (but slow enough to let it register) would, if you were mean, run up quite a bill for the Lib Dem candidates.

Anyone fancy a go?


Blogger Samuel Coates said...

"Refreshing" would do the trick.
Guido's blog has covered this a lot, here and here

12:57 am  
Anonymous Rubidius said...

Amusingly, Huhne and Campbell have both sponsored searches on any of the three candidates' names. Simon Hughes hasn't taken out any Google ads at all.

4:27 pm  

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