Saturday, February 25, 2006

Reigate CF Conference - Saturday,

Not many Area Chairmen would be able to pull this off, still fewer branch chairmen, but the folks at Reigate CF have done just that.

A training conference that had some people travelling all the way from Yorkshire was a massive achievement for Andrew Mountney and his team. A group of under-30s that work togther so well is a great achievement and is a credit to the work of the senior party in supporting and encouraging their efforts.

A few points to take away from the event; -

1. It was an event of use for the NATIONAL members, but that was organised by a LOCAL team of enthusiastic volunteers. CF should learn the lesson from this for the future, regionalism is the key.

2. It cost £5, a tiny sum. Yet, it was a competent and assured event with overlapping technical, social and campaigning elements. The lesson? Quality events are not linked to the amount of money you plough into them - Reigate CF did this with no central funding, in any case they are a SELF-FUNDING branch, and a good one at that.

3. HARD WORK is the key. Get a decent team around you and then delegate. you don't need to be huge to have a good event. Organise something practical, useful and fun then advertise like crazy -it'll pay off.

Well done Reigate (photo gallery to follow)


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