Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bush Bashed!

U.S President George W Bush received a fiercesome tongue-lashing not once but THREE times at the funeral of US civil-rights activist Coretta King (wife of the late Martin Luther King).

Rev. Joseph Lowery used the platform to condemn the war in Iraq, to a standing ovation from the mainly black crowd.

When former President Jimmy Carter rose to deliver his speech he repeatedly landed blows on poor old Dubaya by condemning the illegal government wiretaps that the Kings endured at the height of the civil rights movement's heyday. (Bush is currently under fire for similar illegal wiretaps).

He followed that bombshell with a sideways dig at the Bush administration's handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, directing the congregation to remember the colour of the people worst hit - to more standing ovations.

Throughout it all, George Bush and his wife Laura sat on the stage with forced smiles.


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