Friday, February 03, 2006

Europe's shame?

This pictures is one of a series of cartoons published by a Danish newspaper depicting an image of the Prophet Mohammed.

Muslims the world over have decried the attempt to create an image of their religion's founder (such depictions are blasphemy and shunned as encouraging idolotry). That the picture depicts his turban as a bomb with a lit fuse is the final straw for many.

Danish goods have suffered a boycott in the arab world, the Danish embassy in Jakarta has been attacked and in the West bank the EU mission is under threat from militant islamic militias..

In response to this european editors (many of whom are incensed by attempts to 'impose fundamentalist dogma' have republished the pictures to show their commitment to freedom of speech. This has lead to the sacking of the Editor of France Soir who relished the chance to take stand on the issue.

The poll has been changed to allow you to have your say. Free speech or unprovoked attack on religion - what do you think?


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