Friday, February 10, 2006

Brown - Shafted by freak!

Gordon Brown must have been taken aback by Labour's defeat in deep-red Dunfermline last night.

Tha Chancellor is next door neighbour to this previously rock solid Labour safe seat and made several high-profile visits. why then did a majority of 11,500 dissolve overnight?

Surely Gorgeous Gordon isn't an electoral liability?

The jury is still out, but surely tough questions will be raised when everyone realises that Labour lost to a Literal Dumbocrat as ugly as this......

Caption (Lib Dem woman on left: "Mmm, the sweet smell of success!")

Readers may also be interested in this piece of vicious self-flagelletion by our good friend Recess Monkey

As an employee of the Parliamentary Labour party isn't he worried about slagging off the Chief Whip?


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