Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Religion Debate

From an article in The Daily Telegraph today, thought it would make a good addition to the debate over religious freedoms;

Dr Sentamu made his comments as he opened the David Young academy in Leeds,
during which he put a hand-made wooden cross and an anti-slavery medallion into
a time capsule which is to be buried by the school.

Referring to the "controversy in the news", he said: "The cross is a
symbol used by Christians to remind them of hope. It is the hope of light
overcoming darkness, life victorious over death and good triumphing over

He added: "For those of us who wear a cross, there is not only hope
but also a responsibility. The responsibility that goes with claiming the name
of a Christian. The responsibility to act and to live as Christians.
"Those wearing a cross proclaim themselves followers of Christ and have the duty of
acting accordingly; of showing love to our neighbours of all faiths and none, of
forgiving those who offend or persecute us, or choosing a life of service to
those we meet in this community be they students or teachers, the cool or the
uncool, the weak or the strong. Our duty is to show love to them
"And this is why I will put this cross into the time
capsule. Not only as an enduring symbol of hope, but also as a reminder to those
generations to come of their continuing duty to care for the world in which they
find themselves years from now and to love all of those with whom they share
that world and this very special place."

Nadia Eweida, 55, a committed Christian, was told by BA managers to remove or cover up her small cross. When she refused was sent home on unpaid leave. A decision on whether the company should change its policy, which does not allow any visible jewellery, is expected in a week's time.


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