Monday, October 16, 2006

Exec Blog: Pt 2

The hoary old chesnut of CF Exec accountability has raised it's head with this article on ConHome.

The point is a simple one - how can we make the exec more accountable to its membership?

It is now easier to communciate with the membership due to the existence of CF Diary - an excellent innovation - but unless ConHome is to become the mouthpiece of the main party its use will necessarily be limited. Also, ordinary members of the exec have so far taken a back seat to the Chairman in delivering any message to the membership.

The simple answer, that I have proposed for some time now, is to set up an exec blog.

Each member can have their own section where their responsibilities and successes can be recorded and members can engage in a public dialogue. The power of blogs has already been proven with ConHome, Iain Dale and Guido - it's simplicity is a strength and will bypass a lot of the backstage machinations that have previously bedevilled CF politics.

Already the poll on this site registers 74% in favour of the exec running a blog, and a central blog would avoid the problems of private forums, individual blogs and relying on external sources for communication. It's time the exec realised it's good to talk.

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