Monday, October 16, 2006

The Change Agenda in action

Got a great surprise today.

Whilst idly flicking through I came across this series of ads. Lo and behold Mr. Clarke seems to be listening to my advice after all!!!

Advertising on w4mp is a great way to expand the gene pool for volunteers to CF and really makes a change. I first did this two years ago for the copywriters and the improvement was immense. Mark asked me a few weeks ago how I had managed it and when I told him he seemed surprised it could be so easy.

However, change hasn't always been so easy to implement. I said that two weeks was about the minimum time you want to post an ad to get a healthy mix of applicants, four days seems a little shabby, but nonetheless, if YOU think you can help out get in touch with the right people asap!!!

CF needs skilled volunteers working together to make it a better organisation. By pulling together we can make this a much better organisation.


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