Monday, September 25, 2006

Gordon Brown - Presbyterian?

Watching the Brown speech I was transported back years to the Presbyterian kirk in Antrim. Where a worthy and terribly nice minister would propound on the message of the gospel in a worthy but dour way.

Brown mentioned that his dad was a minister - no kidding - the steady rhythm of much of his early speech, the flowing yet dull words punctuated by much heavy breathing was reminiscent of a Sunday morning sermon - but less exciting.

GB tried, as the main leadership candidate should do, to defuse the arguments against him (green issues, ID cards, leadership rows etc.) but what he neglected to mention was that in a fight against Cameron only one man will come out standing and it won't be Grumpy Gordon.

DC will do to GB what Blair did to Major - paint him into a corner and hammer away at his support till it falls to pieces. Sadly, Tony has left no time for a snap election, so if GB does get the top job (why oh why did I not take time to place a bet on Reid at 20/1?) Brown will have to suffer a long drawn out losing campaign.

Watch this space...

P.S - Guido fisks Brown


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