Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Andrew Young - bit of a tosser

Thanks to losing Chairman candidate Caroline Hunt for bringing to my attention this blog -
Andrew Young, from Denton Texas has ended his blog in October 2004 with a post titled 'Politically Correct Racism'. I began to read it but the lack of paragraphs and good jokes put me off. In fact so boring was the blog that even the paragraphs about an ad for guitar strings featuring thong-clad girls was a real turn off.

More worrying was this effort

Which features several young children and a guys phone numbers in New York. Not too much to say about it apart from the second kid looks a bit odd.

My favourite is

This guy used to be, but now, after a music career that seems not to be going anywhere, he is relegated to .net status.

This Andrew Young is a cross between Kenny G and 'Siegfried and Roy'. Check out his pic:

But my favourite of all time - and the guy who gets the most google hits. Is this guy

Andrew Young - Statesman, Businessman, Humanitarian, Irishman

You can almost see the likeness...


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