Monday, September 18, 2006

Guido on the rack

Nobody likes being phoned by Guido, it usually means you're in the shit. However, when faced with the choice between being obliterated and merely losing a limb many people have no choice but to cooperate.

Thankfully the moustachioed one was in the mood for indulging a request and I managed to nab both him and Recess Monkey for an interview on CF TV.

An afternoon in the company of the two most scandalous bloggers in Christendom is also a chance to pick up the rumours and twisted tales of the next three months. Was a thoroughly enjoyable experience - though Recess did decide to back me for the chairmanship of CF. Which is a bit like Gerry Adams deciding to bless your kneecaps.
Stay tuned for some outlandish stories, the incoming chairman seems to be a favoured target...


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