Thursday, September 21, 2006

Face of evil

This is the man who disrupted John Reid's speech yesterday. The media, like the often gormless morons they are, swarmed all over him for an interview - after all, who wants to hear the Home Secretary babble on about stopping Islamic Fascists from recruiting British youngsters when there is one in the room prepared to give his own 'I have a dream' speech.

Look at the video, you'll see the depths to which this guy can sink.

The sad truth is that in this country people like Abu Izzadeen have already won. As in Belfast 35 years ago, young men, leading lives with no future and no prospects and with no leadership from their own community are being seduced by the powerful message of terrorists.

Then it was the IRA and their Irish nationalism, now it is Al Qaeda and a host of splinter factions proclaiming holy war.

The difference of course is that for the IRA, victory was a definable political aim. At some point the 'freedom fighters' could be persuaded to lay down their arms as peace was negotiated.

Islamic terrorists are the holy warriors of God, who will stop short of nothing less than complete victory - converting all non-believers to their faith and killing those who refuse.

The real dissapointment is that in Labour's heartlands, the old men who are the 'community leaders' are desperately out of touch with the expanding population under-30. As a result, many reject both their parents and the country they live in, existing in a peculiar limbo of belonging nowhere.

The crude generalisations of radical teachings and the perceived strength of the Islamo-fascist message are an attractive prospect, and with the advent of suicide bombing even a tiny fringe of the large muslim population of this country represents a massive security risk.

The world united after September the 11th, and the possibility existed to engage Islamo-fascism both on the plains of Afghanistan and in a battle of ideologies. The second battle was the most important to win, just as it was in the Cold War or against 19th Century anarchists.

However, in a headlong rush to war with Iraq, the great western democracies have sacrificed their moral advantage, and are now bogged down in an uncertain and unwinnable war with Islamic terrorism.

I have heard two people try to engage the muslim communities in that important second battle, both Labour muslim MPs. John Reid tried, but came short. I wonder if anyone else will emerge to engage in the great struggle of our time.


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