Saturday, April 08, 2006

Meet Adele

I don't know why she came looking for me, but it seems ADELE REYNOLDS, Labour's answer to Anne Widdicombe has been stalking me for quite some time.

After a light-hearted comment about my return to Manchester (where I studied for three years) Adele wrote the following,

" 'Back to Manchester, home of the Arndale Centre, lots of student totty and numerous chavs from Salford at the weekend?' And thats why you'll never get an MP in Manchester."

Adele is a regular online politics nutter and takes the whole thing far too seriously - lighten up love, it's only a bit of fun.

A bit more about Adele....

"I am a Labour activist in Manchester Gorton and the current Vice Chair of Manchester Labour students. Favourite labour people would have to be Neil Kinnock and John Smith. Likes would be anyone with labour values. Dislikes raving trots, conservatives especially those that are compassionate and fib dems. Other interests would be watching Man City lose on a regular occasion. "

Please feel free to email Adele, the Labour party's equivalent of the Stasi. Her email address is,

Also, if anyone has a picture of the Manc Minger I'll happily post it on the blog. Email me with her photo as soon as humanly possible in an email labelled "The Yeti exists - I have proof!"

I look forward to hearing from you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Labour actually have a student wing? I thought they'd lost all hope of gaining any Student activists the second they broke their promise of having "no plans to introduce top-up fees". Maybe it's her and her cats.

3:49 pm  
Anonymous Adele Douglas said...

Labour have 4 members at manchester, but she's the worst. She's always trying to infiltrate our meetings as well, i dont think she has a life. Unfortunatly i have to share a first name with the bloody socialist bint! (and "yeti" is a pretty acurate description btw)

10:09 am  

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