Thursday, March 30, 2006

Georgeous George is brilliant

You've got to hand it to him. Georgeous George Galloway beat the 'Fake Sheikh' rap and dodged the News of the World's dastardly secret weapon for finding out pretentious wanna-be high flyers (usually minor royals, england football coaches etc.).

Georgeie pays tribute, as he often does, to himself in his Guardian column (here). As he says,

"I knew from the minute I met them that they were impostors. I suspected I was in the midst of a shakedown, which later investigation proved to be the case.

There's more to this than glee at having become the first to outfox the "fake sheikh", or even schadenfreude at the discomfort of the News of the Screws. Those who doubted that there are powerful forces out there determined to discredit me must now surely agree that just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get me."

Wow- George I'm impressed. Three chancers from the NOTW try to con you ad you managed to find them out (btw why DID you stay till midnight if you knew it was a con?)

Perhaps Georgie's instincts were heightened by the previous sting pulled by the SUN, wherein a pretty young thing from the Sun's photocopy room successfully lured him into all sorts of ridiculous behaviour.


"Sad to report, it didn’t get a whole lot better. As he “romanced” me with gifts of a teddy bear and chocolates, he continually referred to me as “darling” and “sweetheart”.
And he reeled off a string of oily one-liners, boasting about his sexiness and how he fancied younger women. Oh dear."

Nice try George, but we guessed you were a sucker anyway.


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