Thursday, March 30, 2006

Israeli Election results

Kadima: 28
Labor: 20
Shas: 13
Yisrael Beiteinu: 12
Likud: 11
NRP-National Union: 9
Gil-Pensioners Party: 7
United Torah Judaism: 6
Meretz: 4
United Arab List: 4
Balad: 3
Hadash: 3

The Result means that Ariel Sharon's centrist Kadima party has been hugely successful, albeit with a low turnout. This paves the way for the removal of settlers from the least sustainable situations, but will surely mean a permanent land grab of the best agricultural land and a Palestinian state crippled from its inception.

An interesting piece in the Telegraph today. An ex-Mossad agent talks about the need for a 'do-nothing' approach to suffocate the Palestinian Authority and destroy Hamas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's be clear about this bollocks that there can only be a Palestinian "state" if the only Jewish country in the whole world gives the land for it to happen. There is another perfectly viable solution involving the Arab states that border Israel also contributing some land to their Arab Brothers. For example Jordan, the country that a large number of so called Palestinians should really be calling their home, could easily also donate territory in addition to Israel doing so. But then of course that would frustrate the real purpose of the "need" for a Palestinian state which is of course to ensure that there isn't even that one small Jewish nation anywhere on earth.

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