Friday, April 28, 2006

While I was away...

Back from skiing and not much has happened - or has it?

Dave the Chameleon

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vote Blue, Go Green

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Americans Vow to Stay the Course - "We will keep buying SUVs even if oil hits $4 a gallon"

In a show of defiance that has become their trademark, the American people have bravely decided that they will keep buying massive SUVs - even if the price of petrol hits the heady heights of $4 a gallon. Read more

The increase in oil prices, caused by instability in the Middle East, has led to sharp increases in price, means that Americans could soon be faced with the massive bill for petrol equivalent to almost £2.30!!!

By comparison British consumers have been paying nearly £5 per gallon for years.

"Hey terrorists. - Terrorise this!!!"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shamelessly nicked stories

Continuing the theme - have a look at this little photoshop beauty from Guido Fawkes

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Red Ken on Tour

He's done it again. Just when you think it's impossible for Red Ken to be any more mental he goes and compares the Tiannamen Square massacres to the Poll Tax riots.

Quote of the Day - "We've had some interesting riots in Trafalgar Square - I mean, only 20 years ago, the poll tax riots, and flames licking up."


"I promise to behave myself - honest!"

Monday, April 10, 2006

Just for fun

Courtesy -

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Meet Adele

I don't know why she came looking for me, but it seems ADELE REYNOLDS, Labour's answer to Anne Widdicombe has been stalking me for quite some time.

After a light-hearted comment about my return to Manchester (where I studied for three years) Adele wrote the following,

" 'Back to Manchester, home of the Arndale Centre, lots of student totty and numerous chavs from Salford at the weekend?' And thats why you'll never get an MP in Manchester."

Adele is a regular online politics nutter and takes the whole thing far too seriously - lighten up love, it's only a bit of fun.

A bit more about Adele....

"I am a Labour activist in Manchester Gorton and the current Vice Chair of Manchester Labour students. Favourite labour people would have to be Neil Kinnock and John Smith. Likes would be anyone with labour values. Dislikes raving trots, conservatives especially those that are compassionate and fib dems. Other interests would be watching Man City lose on a regular occasion. "

Please feel free to email Adele, the Labour party's equivalent of the Stasi. Her email address is,

Also, if anyone has a picture of the Manc Minger I'll happily post it on the blog. Email me with her photo as soon as humanly possible in an email labelled "The Yeti exists - I have proof!"

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Conservative Spring Forum

Back to Manchester, home of the Arndale Centre, lots of student totty and numerous chavs from Salford at the weekend.


Date: 6 April 2006
Organisation: Conservative Future
Details: CF WINNING ON CAMPUS (come along even if you haven't booked)

The CF National Student Life Training Conference will take place at the Conservative Party annual Spring Forum in Manchester. The conference will include training on:• CF on Campus & Local Involvement – ensuring your CF branch grows on campus
• Media – Dealing with your campus paper and radio station and dealing with local and national press
• Local issue Campaigning – How to identify the issues that win you elections – remember local election on 4 May!
• The Future of CF – we want to know what you want from CF in the future.
Venue The Manchester International Convention Centre which is the venue of the Spring Forum.

Package• Full day training• Lunch and refreshments• Free entry to CF Party on Thursday eveningTimingsThe event will begin with registration at 11am on Thursday morning and will finish at 5pm.

Democracy Deliberated
Date - Thursday 6 April
Time - 5.30pm for 5.45pm
Location - Life Café, 23 Peter Street , Manchester

Come join Ken Clarke, chairman of the Democracy Taskforce, to discuss thechallenges facing Parliament and its scrutiny of Government and how we shouldfund parties in the future. Ken will be joined by other members of theDemocracy Taskfoce panel.

This event will be the first of the series of roadshows examining the key components of the Democracy Taskforce's remit. This event is not within the secure area so passes are not required.

CF Party
Date - Thursday 6 April
Time - 7pm onwards
Location - Life Café, 23 Peter Street , Manchester

Come join the National Conservative Future Executive for drinks at the LifeCafé to find out what CF are up to and to warm up for Spring Forum.

This event is not within the secure area so passes are not required

Social Action Date - Friday 7th April
Time - Either 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm

Want to get out and do something different at Spring Forum? Want to meet new people, with passion for changing lives? Want to help the Party put social action in the spotlight?

At Spring Forum this year the Party is getting out and about on social actionprojects across Manchester. While David Cameron puts his green thumbs to work,Shadow Cabinet Ministers will be visiting schools, refugee shelters and youthprojects. But it doesn't end there: we need you to help us out on furtherprojects in Old Trafford - painting, clearing, graffiti cleaning .... There are two shifts on Friday 7 April either 10-1pm or 2pm-5pm

You'll be part of something big. The work will be filmed and the footage used during David Cameron's address on Saturday morning. We'll provide you withrefreshments, all the gear you'll need to help out. You'll be playing a vital part in helping the Conservative Party show that itmeans to "Change our Cities"!

Contact to volunteer

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last one - for a while site

Ok, I'm really impressed I WILL link this site.

and whilst I'm at it

If I'm going to start shamelessly stealing photos you may as well see this one. Nicked from the 'other' side and hence no link to the original site.

Guido Fawkes

I have a be as good as this guy. Visit Guido Fawkes@ Brilliant

Only a Yorkshireman...

Only a Yorkshireman would have the bravado, the wit and the brass balls to come up with this piece of advertising history