Thursday, January 26, 2006

A message from Menzies Campbell

(In the style of Simon Hughes)

"Dear CF Members,

This election is a STRAIGHT CHOICE.

Many QUEER things have been said about my opponents in this leadership race, but can I assure you that the facts have been BENT out of shape.

Though many lesser candidates may be persuaded to twist or bend the facts I can assure you I AM NO BENDER of facts.

I wish only a fair hearing as we deal with the future of this country. After all, what sort of democracy do we have if the press won't let a MAN TALK.

Sincerely yours,

Menzies Campbell

Merciless Ruler of the Universe/ President Liberal Democrats

Cowley Street


(P.S - For our friends in the Literal Dumbocrat party, this is a JOKE. Frankly it serves you right for having a leadership candidate originally elected after a nasty campaign against a gay candidate, who was caught telling porkies about his own sexuality and all from a party that attempts to hold the moral high ground above everyone else.

Hope the rest of the campaign works out well for you - then again...)


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