Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back in Business

After an uncomfortably large gap of several weeks Punch & Judy politics has been restored to Westminster.

David Cameron (Grand High Priest of Opus Dave) slew the Prime Minister with one of the killer one-liners for which he is rapidly becoming famous.

...and how did Tony respond? He smiled of course. The "I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out than take anymore of this" smile. A smile that he reserves for special occasions (a standing ovation for Mo Mowlam during his conference speech, losing Mandy from cabinet twice, anything regarding Iraq, losing Blunkett from cabinet twice)

All in all it's a painful farewell for Tony. No legacy to speak of so far and a hell of a fight for one coming up. Ruth Kelly may be the scapegoat targeted by Blair's enemies, but it is his educational reforms which ultimately get the backbencher's blood boiling.

To cap it all, just when it seems like he might escape a roughing up in the Commons along comes DC to open up all the old wounds.Poor guy.

Then again.....


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