Tuesday, January 31, 2006

EU and Hamas

The European Union is facing one of it's greatest foriegn policy challenges to date with the election in Palestine of militant Islamic group Hamas.

Observers of european politics and international affairs point to the obvious problems involved in continuing to support a government that calls for the wholesale destruction of Israel and that condones and supports murderous suicide bombings.

Juxtaposed against this is the massive suffering to the Palestinian people that will be caused by the sudden withdrawal of basic necessities if the EU withdraws. Supplies of food, electricity, clean water and civil service functions will all cease almost immediately.

However, CF News has uncovered the real source of European discomfort - corruption.

Hamas swept into power not, as is commonly thought, due to their implacable opposition to Israel, but rather through their steadfast opposition to corruption in running Palestinian Authority territory.

The combination of fundamentalist islamic theology and popular rejection of corruption in the ruling Fatah party has bred a new type of Palestinian politician opposed to greed, corruption, deception, back-handers, special interest groups, subsidies and opaque government.

This is all very worrying to the EU who were previously able to find much common ground with their Palestinian counterparts, but who now are left struggling to comprehend a government that is accountable to its people and that opposes graft.

Italian MEP Luigi-Valentino Issacrasio, an expert of EU-Palestinian affairs said "Its-a lucky they-a all crazee suicide bomberinos. We don't think we could-a cope with all this-a crazee no-corruptioni politics. It-a would be catastrofoni for all of us. No more-a money in the brown envelopes - catastrofoni, catastrofoni!!!!"

Story developing...


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